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In fact Trey says, "I'm very single." He also touched on the rumors that he's dating Tamala Jones, after an image of him grabbing the actress' butt surfaced on the internet.

"It was great for the picture and it was a great story," Trey quipped. People will turn a picture to a story and people's reality is what somebody else says." In other Trey Songz talk, the singer revealed that although he's got a song all about sexting, "LOL Smiley Face," he's never sent any naughty pictures of himself on his phone.

Loso then makes good on his reputation of being the first to turn a trending topic into a punchline, "I know that she on my dick though / she Angela Yee and I'm Gucci." Meanwhile, Trey Songz opts for a rap-influenced delivery, but always keeps a fair amount of melody in his lines.

The release serves as a good warm-up for the singer's upcoming Tremaine LP, due out in 2017.

This led Angela Yee to question the details of his past and present love life and he surprisingly didn’t hold back.

Trey: In this album, I am speaking about a lot of different things because people want to know what’s going on with me.

Earlier this week, R&B crooner Trey Songz took his talents to Power 105.1 ‘s The Breakfast Club and sat in the hot seat to let Charlamagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy did what they do best: put him on the spot. Am I having sex after the party with three girls, sometimes?

During their lengthy chat, Trey spoke on aiming to be more open on his latest album which is set for release on July 1st, after admitting that he’s always been one to keep his personal life on lock in the past because he doesn’t want people to know too much.

If I’m into the person then I will do like a lot of stuff, if I’m into you, if I’m not though it’s just like ohhhh I can tell this is coming to an end…

Making her just the second young lady to ever have that honor! Like platonic sleepover friends, homie lover friends or straight up cut buddies? And WTF was he thinking choppin’ that chick down in the bathroom???

Fabolous might have accidentally spilling the beans on a relationship between radio personality Angela Yee and singer Trey Songz.

We have a child together and now we are each others biggest motivators.

Chances are, you didn't make it through your New Years celebrations without listening to Migos' "Bad and Boujee" at least once.

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No topic was off limits, during a recent sit-down with Motown recording artist Mila J (real name Jamila Akiko Chilombo). On threesomes: I wouldn’t not date someone because they don’t have anything, like if I’m attractive to you and you really make me happy, I will really date you, I know a lot of people say that, and they really won’t, but like I really would, as long as you have the ambition like I don’t think you should be stuck in one place in life…I’m sexual for sure, but I’m not going around, ‘Oohhh I’m a freak’.

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