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Each student's degree is posted to the student record once the Graduate College confirms that all degree requirements have been completed.Deadline Information These deadlines are University and Graduate School deadlines; your department may have additional deadlines you must meet to satisfy program requirements.Students who are required to continue with their studies will be asked to renew their student ID card.The graduation certificates will be issued after the Congregation which is held in November/December each year.If a student wishes to be considered for graduation before the normative study end date, he/she should apply for shortening of normative study period.The application form can be downloaded at GS Platform (Students).This adds your defense to the defense calendar and serves as the required written notice to Enrolled Services.

Normally, the complimentary set of certifying letter and transcript will be sent to students by registered mail.Please call 656-5339 or email Enrolled Services if you have questions.Schedule defense: submit the date/time/location of your defense via the Submit Defense Form.Late applications for graduation are All undergraduate students are required to file and complete the Online Graduation Application to be considered a candidate for graduation.In addition to filing for graduation, students will also want to register to participate in the commencement ceremony.

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When students are about to reach the expected graduation date and after the grade for all courses taken have been released, the Graduate School will arrange to conduct graduation assessment for the students.

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