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Not all supplements are created equal, so make sure you use feline formulated products and stay away from supplements intended for humans or even dogs.

And be sure to note: one common mistake pet parents make when caring for their loved ones is over-supplementing their pets’ diets with vitamins and minerals, which could potentially have serious effects on pet health.

As such, you may want to discuss supplements or dietary changes with your vet, and keep in mind the 4 principles of treating kidney disease through diet.

Now that your pet is a senior, it’s recommended to increase your yearly check-ups and start visiting the vet every six months.

Always read labels for dosage amounts, and talk to your vet about what supplements will be beneficial for your pet.

Weight gain can be a problem with aging, and pet parents of obese cats are advised to follow these dietary guidelines for obese senior cats.

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To avoid a shock to their system and potential gastrointestinal problems, be sure that any tweak you make to their diet is gradual.

The right meal plan—consisting of proteins, fats, carbs vitamins, minerals, and water in the right balance—will vary based on a number of factors, such as age, breed, sex, level of activity, behavior, environment, and metabolism.

Cats typically are considered seniors at 12 years of age, and that's when pets may begin to have issues with their metabolism, immune system (their ability to protect against disease), hearing, skin, coat, teeth, and energy levels.

Senior cats may also experience weight fluctuation, loss of muscle mass, arthritis, obesity, diabetes, cancer, constipation, kidney disease, and liver disease, sometimes in addition to the common health issues of hypothyroidism and urinary problems that also affect younger cats.

For most senior cats, food should be higher in protein than regular adult cat food.

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