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A lot of women will smile or laugh when they’re deeply uncomfortable.

It’s a placating gesture, a way to defuse and disarm an uncomfortable situation.

Let’s start by assuming that Basaraba was sincere in that he wasn’t actually soliciting sex-work and was just trying – in an incredibly awkward way – to connect with people and cure his loneliness. It’s not impossible that he could’ve gotten a conversation started at that point and maybe kept a conversation going – assuming, y’know, he didn’t then tell them to reach into his pocket and pull out a Werther’s Original.

However, his approach with the bra pad was a huge mistake.

Uncomfortable laughter is going to be brittle and short and their smiles won’t reach their eyes.

And let’s be real: Basaraba hasn’t exactly shown that he’s the greatest judge of how someone actually feels. well, a dog might have been a better idea than a sugar baby shirt.

Women apparently found the shirt amusing and would ask to pose for photos with him – photos that would be incredibly popular on Facebook.

He would also carry a bra pad as a conversation starter.

When asked about his approach, Basaraba responded: “I would go up to a group of women of all ages — 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s — (and say), ‘Honey, I’m looking for my Cinderella.

This approach is, incidentally, part of why the infamous Clarke-Hatfield study failed; approaching strange women and asking them to go to bed with you is normal behavior.

But is there a way that he could have gotten what he wanted without being The Creepy Old Pervert At The Beach? People wanted to get something for their Facebook or Instagram profiles, he got a few moments of human contact.

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I did not find a glass slipper on the beach but I did find this.’” He said he would hold up the bra pad to “busty” women and say, “Obviously this isn’t you,” and then turn to a smaller woman and say, “This might fit you,” he said.

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