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Her pussy juice was running down her thighs and beginning to pool up on the floor between her feet.“I’m gonna open this married pussy up good, slut.” I knew this type of woman enjoyed being treated like a cheap whore despite her education and upper middle-income lifestyle.

She was a true white slut and I knew what they needed.“Get it, take my pussy,” she grunted.“I’m ready to nut,” I said.“OH, OH, OH, OH,” she whimpered.

She turned on the water and squirted my free hand with soap.“I’m horny as hell,” I moaned as I began to stroke the sudsy water along my hardening cock.“Good Heavens.” She gasped as she grabbed a towel.“You’re a good looking lady,” I commented with my full hard on jutting skyward."I'm married," she answered with a quiver in her voice."So am I but I'm horny as hell." I stroked my glistening cock now its full ten inches of glory. She dropped to her knees with her face only inches from my cock and balls."I don't say shit, now suck my cock, slut." I knew nurse Betty would feel confused. She'd never before acted on her desire but with my ten inches of hard cock in front of her, it was too much for her to resist.

She licked her lips as my throbbing ten inches of pussy stretching meat waited."Promise you won't say a word to anyone? Her face was red with either embarrassment or shame. It was exactly what Betty wanted and needed but could never admit.

Her inner labia clung to my shaft as it glided inward and outward.“Make me cum baby,” she moaned with a quiet whisper as I continued to pummel her.“Bitch, I can do this for hours.” I gave her fleshy ass a hard swat with my free hand.“Oh do that again,” she begged.

I swatted her milky white jiggling ass until it turned a bright pinkish color.“I’m gonna cum.” Her body tensed up and she released a shot of juice from her pussy.

I was walking out of the club with my white slut on my arm. Betty checked a chart, removed a tube stuck in my wrist, then pulled down my bed covers.“WHAT! Her hand reached under to her pussy and she rubbed her clit with her fingers.She hummed a lovely melody as she walked out of my room.My big black cock gets me in all kinds of trouble but I wouldn't have it any other way. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.Secure and Anonymous, your personal data is ALWAYS protected at Talk To Phone sex has evolved over the last several decades.

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