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Do you want a bullshit answer or an honest answer?!Because they paid me…” The washed-up Europop star was a very good sport about the questions I asked in the interview, and seemed very relaxed.The couple's relationship didn't last long outside the house but the pop star is refusing to drift quietly back into the realms of Europop.The pair spent Tuesday evening flirting in the snow, and later, as they lay together on the sofas he whispered to her: ''You're awesome.'' On Wednesday Altberg was alone in the garden building a snowman when Big Brother set him a secret task.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.The Tree of Temptation whispered to him to take the bottle of sand from inside its trunk and to pour it into another housemate's bed without them knowing, to win some luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets for Stephanie Beacham, who has complained about the bedding.

Rylan has such a lively personality, something like that would work perfectly.” This piqued my interest, I was hoping that perhaps he was gunning to branch out into moody indie rock- so I asked what it would be about. ” He leans into the phone and does a strange voice; “If you’re listening, you can’t really see what I am seeing but it is AMAZING” Attempting to steer the conversation back to something coherent, whilst Basshunter was staring at the recording app on my phone, I asked: “So, who is Angel in the Night about? ” I said to him, “No, it isn’t, is it Basshunter, as she was approximately thirteen when that song was released! He dissolved into high-pitched mirth, which was not abated my the following (now admittedly drunk) question: “Slave 4 U Britney Spears or Dirrty Christina Aguilera? Daniel Craig just busts through the fucking thing, he does not need a gadget.” I asked him his favourite snow sport and he said that it was snowboarding, and said that I look like I ski.“Probably just something else to do with partying.” Perhaps not, then. Instead of working around singles with an album, I’d rather grab attention with singles, so that’s the plan, Batman! Again, I expected a deep answer about heartbreak and the real man inside the heart of this buff europopsinger. ” However, he insisted that the song was about the blushing JCRC member and I realised that perhaps instead of engaging emotionally with the question, he was using it as an excuse to pull. ” It took him a good while to ponder this, and he consulted his manager before he gave his final answer. I was not sure what exactly that was supposed to mean.Although she probably had more to fear from the drag queens on stage than the nubile, scantily clad backing dancers.Basshunter, 25, was in fact filling in for Katie Price, behind whose husband Alex Reid he finished a creditable fourth in Celebrity Big Brother back in January, thanks in part to cosying up to Russian former Rolling Stone squeeze.

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